COVID-19 Announcement

Released March 14, 2020

North Shore Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous, Service Board Announcement:

As you may already know, the Newton Wellesley Hospital meetings are currently suspended due to the Corona Virus. The North Shore Intergroup Board is asking all fellowship members to use caution and prudence in response to the Corona Virus.

Please consider NOT attending a face to face meeting if you feel in any way at risk (consult your healthcare professional for risk-related guidance). Please remember if you are sick or have certain symptoms, you may be putting OTHERS at risk as well. We will support anyone in need of finding alternative means of attending meetings and sharing with fellow members.

We are asking that any meetings that choose to stop meeting face to face, please notify us at North Shore Intergroup. We will support any meeting wanting to establish a Virtual Interim Meeting, either a phone meeting or a Zoom video meeting (with call-ins). Please contact Ken G. at for assistance in doing so. 

We ask all meetings that continue face to face, to consider going hybrid (e.g., members in the meeting room, plus attendees on zoom or phone conference) for the benefit of any members who may be in a high-risk category, and are unable to attend.

Also, as a reminder, there are currently many meetings for you to attend by
phone and online. You can find them at

Helpful Tips for Safer Face to Face Meeting Attendance:

  1. When attending meetings, please wipe down tables and chairs with strong antibacterial spray or wipes.
  2. Consider bringing hand sanitizer to the meeting.
  3. If you do cough or sneeze, please use your elbows or tissues, and please dispose of tissues, bottles, and wipes.
  4. Consider not circulating books for reading and bring your own.
  5. Also, whenever possible, sit at least 3 feet apart.
  6. Please consider a virtual We Care Sheet by texting to one volunteer, so notebooks do not have to be passed around.
  7. OA approved books for purchase are still being sold but consider keeping out the book list and members can request what they want to buy. You can also order books on

All of us are concerned, but as we know, using the OA Tools, working the OA Steps, and reaching out for guidance and support is the way we deal with any stressful situation. We’ve all faced challenges as we’ve “trudged the road,” but “together we can do what we could never do alone.”

In Fellowship and Service,
The North Shore Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous Service Board

See our statement and the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak.Click Here