North Shore Intergroup publishes a quarterly newsletter called Sharings.  News of interest to the fellowship, and in particular to local members, is reported, including upcoming events, meeting changes and service opportunities.  Submissions are gratefully acknowledged.  Issues of Sharings are included here.

Editorial Policy

Sharings is the quarterly newsletter of North Shore Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous ®. Materials submitted to Sharings cannot be returned.  The editors reserve the right to edit material submitted.  Other anonymous groups may reprint without permission.  The opinions expressed are those of the writer(s), not those of NSI or OA as a whole.  Please address submissions to the address at the top of the newsletter.

2019 Winter NSI Newsletter

2018 Fall NSI Newsletter

Issues of OA’s Region 6 newsletter, Messenger

Issues of OA’s newsletter, A Step Ahead



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