North Shore Intergroup

What is North Shore Intergroup?

North Shore Intergroup is a group of affiliated Overeaters Anonymous® meetings. Our purpose is to share some of the service work that supports the meetings in the Intergroup and to carry the message of recovery.

The meetings that we encompass are located outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and
many of them are in the area locally known as the North Shore.

In keeping with Tradition Three, groups registering with North Shore Intergroup do not place requirements on members for participation at a meeting. In addition, groups registering with North Shore Intergroup do not have suggested requirements in order to share at an OA meeting.

North Shore Intergroup Business Meeting

We now meet on the first Saturday of each month (except July) from 10am until 11:30am at the First Congregational Church, 25 Woburn St. in Reading, MA. The meeting takes place in the “basement room” at the back of the church basement. Additional parking is available in the town hall parking lot.
Note: The June meeting will take place on the second Saturday of the month, June 10th. In July there is no meeting due to the 4th of July holiday.

The purpose of the meeting is to conduct the business of North Shore Intergroup, much like an individual meeting will have a business meeting every month or every quarter. The officers and committee chairs report on relevant happenings from the past month.  Ongoing and new issues are discussed, which may include such items as upcoming events, service opportunities, or participation in Regional or World Service activities.

Most participants at the business meeting represent a meeting which is a member of North Shore Intergroup.  These members were either elected or appointed by one of their regular meetings, to pass information between the meeting and the Intergroup. Although this is a very important and rewarding service position which does not require a large time commitment, there are meetings that do not have a representative to attend Intergroup.  If you would like to be involved at this level of service, please raise the issue at your meeting and volunteer.  Even if there is a representative, you can be an alternate representative.  And if you’re not sure, just come to a meeting and find out what you’re missing!

The business meeting is open to all members of Overeaters Anonymous®, although only meeting representatives are permitted to vote. It is recommended that new meeting representatives arrive 15 minutes before the meeting starts for a short orientation.

Please contact North Shore Intergroup for more information.



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